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Re: release-notes/FC4 kernel.xml,1.5,1.6

Hello, Karsten!

Thank you for quick response.

We are starting to translate XML files from current CVS. 
I hope we will complete the our work in 1-2 days.

We will use approach like anaconda-online-help uses:
- convert translatable strings into one .pot file
- make translation
- generate translated XML

Andrew Martynov

On Tue, Jun 07, 2005 at 02:39:43PM -0700, Karsten Wade wrote:
> On Wed, 2005-06-08 at 01:05 +0400, Andrew Martynov wrote:
> > Hello, Karsten!
> > 
> > Should translators wait for Release Notes final readiness or 
> > translation process will be started later but prior to FC5?
> I was just about to email you to go ahead.
> The actual release notes that are shipping with FC4 were tagged in CVS
> last week.  This are different from what is currently in CVS.
> Since we are releasing translations for the Web only right now, I guess
> it is OK to use the latest in CVS.
> I'd like to host any translations on fedora.redhat.com/docs/release-
> notes. (Note: this page is not yet created but will be the FC4 release)
> The release notes point users there for the latest information and
> errata.
> We will have the English-only version that shipped with FC4 and the
> updated FC4+ relnotes, and can have any translations in that same list.
> > I have Russian translation of TXT variant of FC4 Release Notes and can
> > put the translated text into XML using xml2pot/po2xml. If possible
> > we (Russian team) would like to include our work into FC4 release.
> I'm sorry to all translators that we aren't getting any translations of
> the release notes into FC4.
> There wasn't enough time from the completion of the notes until it went
> gold.  It was hours, not even days.  This is because we finished the
> release notes at literally the last hour before final freeze.
> This will all be better for FC5 and even the test release notes.
> As for the po2xml, that sounds great.  I'm interested in seeing how it
> looks.  The documentation pages at fedora.redhat.com/docs/ are built
> first from DocBook HTML output, then wrapped in PHP includes.  This
> means it should be easy to post your translations.  Presuming I don't
> mess up the coding. :)
> - Karsten
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