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Re: Fedora HCL guide writers?

On 6/8/05, Colin Charles <byte aeon com my> wrote:
> On Wed, 2005-06-08 at 15:50 +0100, Philip Johnson wrote:
> > I'm currently
> > trying to get ubuntu's hardware collection tool working on Fedora
> > (well actually its sorting out the way it uploads files) and then
> > (hopefully) we should be one step further.
> Don't. We're hacking on this one and there are some alternatives. And I
> have patches in ~/code/hwdb now too ;-)
> How far have you gotten?

:) Fair enough. I haven't really spent *that* much time looking at it.
I played around, changed the head graphic, some of the wording, and I
*think* I had pretty much had sorted out stuff server side (apart from
the parsing of the information into a human readable format - well,
something that's lickable =)).

It's pretty simple code from what I looked at, I just spotted its
output xml file the other day and *dribbled* because it seemed perfect

1. Helping you developer fellows with bugs and what not
2. Building our HCL :).

Overall, I'd say I've only put an hour or twos work in - and that
includes redoing everything I did when I installed ubuntu permanently
on my satellite 1110.
*ducks for cover*

It's really my fault we've ended up doing similar things - I only told
one of the docs guys.

> Off-list for a reason atm... more details to fedora-config-list by start
> of next week

Oki Doki.

> --
> Colin Charles, http://www.bytebot.net/

Philip Johnson (PlasticMonkey)

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