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Re: FC4 feature list?


Well, I just mention it as something unclear from both FC3 and FC4 release
notes. It seems odd that mediacheck would need something to read the disk
successfully, and yet the real install surely doesn't.

For my understanding this has to do with faulty cd-rom drives which refuse to turn off dma even when explicitly instructed to do so by the kernel.

Well, the release notes would be a good place to put a (full) link to that
sort of thing. Especially with the bug or whatever in mediacheck, there
might be lots of people facing this roadblock when installing on a Windows
machine, as I did, and I had enough trouble figuring out how to do the more
mature MD5 checksum stuff.

We could have this in the download page itself now. I googled this information after the release notes was made.

After the installation. Run level really doesnt matter.

!! From the tone, I thought Gnome wouldn't work at all.

It might not.

6.1.2  Does one need to edit the kernel command line to include audit=1 in
order for auditd to be "enabled by default"?  Or is it already enabled, and
"auditing within the kernel" is something else that can also be enabled?

As I understand it, the audit daemon is enabled by default but you need
to enable the kernel part of it explicitly (probably due to performance
hits) either during boot time (audit =1) or for the session (*auditctl
-e 1)*

Hmm. So the audit daemon is running by default but not doing anything.

6.1.4 Is alocate used by Actions -> Search for Files? (Apparantly yes.)

Oops, slocate, meant to fix that.

I dont think gnome-search-tool using slocate. It is not a build
dependency. It doesnt seem to be linked to the binary (ldd). Its not
mentioned in the help file either

I saw it in the FC3 Search for Files help Introduction section: "Search for
Files uses the find, grep, and locate UNIX commands". Maybe that's not
slocate, but man locate brought up the slocate man page. Don't know about

I forgot to mention that my current system is RHEL3 one so things might be different for the search tool in FC4. Many of these problems could be avoided by having more people look into it during the test releases(Yes, they had release notes too) . Some of these are just prioritizing for lack of time in relation to the amount of work necessary . Filing detailed bug reports and initiating early discussions would be most helpful. You could even request CVS access and provide content yourself for that matter. Thank you for your feedback


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