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Re: FC4 feature list?

Tony Nelson wrote:

Rahul -- should I keep CC'ing the moderated fedora-docs-list? My last
reply is held up for moderation and I haven't received approval or
disapproval yet. Well, likely this is the last reply anyway.

Thats because its a weekend. I can post this thread explicitly to the docs list if it doesnt get moderated. No worries

Well, good. Now add it! (I'm not trying to make you feel bad through
criticism; I'm trying to clear up things that would (have) made the
installation hard for me to do, in hopes of helping others.)

Yes. I understand that. People were working on the release notes till the last minute literally. Its a big time drain time drain to collect the information and present it as what you can see in the release notes. Makes you want more people to actually read it eh!. Some of these could be improved by changes in the process that is being done. We really need more people to step up and share some of the tasks. The following links contain more information about this if anyone is interested in this

http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DocsProject/ReleaseNotes/Process http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DocsProject/ReleaseNotes/Beats

!!  From the tone, I thought Gnome wouldn't work at all.

It might not.

Wouldn't this leave the user in a confusing state with no UI? Unless they
went to one of the hidden 6 terminals?

Not by default. The installer overrides the conflicting Ximian GNOME packages and installs the ones that are integrated within the release. If you choose to not use the Fedora packages and use the third party ones you might be left with a non functional UI. Ximian packages are just an example. This applies to any packages that result in a conflict. Unfortunately I dont think there is any silver bullet solutions to this issue which is why this is being documented in the first place.

You're welcome.  I didn't test FC4 because I only started using Linux about
3 weeks ago, and I'm pretty confused even using a stable release.

You should get used to the differences pretty soon. Maybe you will even like at the end of the day !

why my comments mostly reflect things that a confused user might have
trouble with. Maybe I'll be up to testing FC5

New users are probably the best people to write and review such type of documentation. They have a fresh insight into this and would have to revise their own notes into tutorial and short guides for their peers. For the veterans, being too close to the development has a disadvantage of missing out some of "obvious" things


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