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zh_CN.po done

using A.M.'s scripts, I have translated release-notes/fc4 to zh_CN in
merely 8 hours ^_^
The scripts are modified a bit to
1. extract (generate) pot files from xml files, then update existing
single po file
2. merge the po file with original xml files and get ready to make
The modified scripts use xml2po from gnome instead of xml2pot from
KDE. Though it is more easy to use, the xml files must be escaped
before processing. The modified scripts can be accessed from
fedora-gro cvs[1], thanks to fundawang @ Mandriva, too.

BTW, some problems in extract and merge. The most important issue is
that both scripts need to be modified in order to be used in an other
document, e.g. fedora-install-guide [2]. If there is a Makefile.common
just as in fedora-extras, things would be easy. Another issue is there
is legalnotice-* both in entities and legalnotice, in processing, the
second one is discarded and the documents requires to copy
common/legalnotice-* to current directory.

bbbush ^_^

[1] http://gro.clinux.org/scm/cvsweb.php/sites/com.redhat.fedora.cvs.docs/release-notes/FC4/?cvsroot=fedora
[2] http://gro.clinux.org/scm/cvsweb.php/sites/com.redhat.fedora.cvs.docs/install-guide/?cvsroot=fedora

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