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FDSCo minutes for 14 June 2005

I decided to just send these here, as being more of specific interest to
us and not general interest to f-announce-l.
Fedora Documentation Steering Committee (FDSCo)
  14 June 2005 20:00 UTC every Tuesday
  #fedora-docs on irc.freenode.net

Tommy Reynolds
Stuart Elliss
Gavin Henry
Karsten Wade (gavel)


Stuart - X > Gstreamer is not ready for a student bounty, vnc2swf
         requires new packaging work, probably not the bounty for us
         to use.  Still looking for new ideas.

New Actions:

Karsten - Note on wiki about symlinking inside a module to the
          docs-common - for DOCG ideas page

Karsten	- Define common staging environment, run by list.

Karsten - Decommission the Package List doc.

Tommy - Work with Elliot to get stuff moved in CVS, updates to
        example-tutorial, announcement to f-docs-l

Paul - evaluation of xmlformat in progress

				## 30 ##

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                       Red Hat SELinux Guide

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