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[ANN] Creation of the "docs-common" subdirectory tree

Ahoy, Doc'ers!

Earlier on this list, Paul Frields began a discussion about moving
all the overhead directories ("common", "css", "stylesheet-images",
and "xsl") into a single object.  That way, the root directory of
everyone's working tree would not be cluttered with boilerplate

The ensuing discussion has led to the creation of the "docs-common"
top-level directory.  This now holds the four older directories
mentioned above.  The old "doc-setup" object is no more.

The "docs-common" is intended to be a peer directory for the
individual document directories.  To check out a document for local
editing or building, two steps are needed:

$ cvs checkout docs-common
$ cvs checkout the-doc-I-want

Note that checking out "docs-common" is a one-time operation; all
documents will share that one instance.

At least two changes need be made to each document's "Makefile":

1) Change the relative paths for the "XSLPDF" and "XSLHTML" macros
   from "../xsl" to "../docs-common/xsl".

2) Change the relative path of the "cp ../stylesheet-images" line to
   "cp ../docs-common/stylesheet-images"

Then, in the parent file of each document, change the relative paths
of the "FEDORA-ENTITIES-EN" entity from "../common" to
"../docs-common/common".  Yeah, I know, it looks redundant, doesn't
it?  Also change the relative path of the "LEGALNOTICE" entity from
"../common" to "../docs-common/common".

With these changes, you document should build.

Now, go back to your top-level directory, the one that now holds
"docs-common" and *stale* copies of "common", "css",
"stylesheet-images", and "xsl" directories.  Take a deep breath and

$ rm -rf README common css stylesheet-images xsl

to get rid of the files that are now part of "docs-common".

If you have any questions about this process, look at the
"example-tutorial/" document: it has the necesssary changes.


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