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Re: what to do about typoes in online docs?

Note:  bouncing this to f-docs-l for larger audience and comments.

On Thu, 2005-06-16 at 13:21 -0400, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
>   is anyone interested in minor typoes in the online docs?  and i mean
> "minor" in the sense that, yes, they should be fixed but, no, i'm not
> about to go thru bugzilla to report them.  life's way too short for
> that.

Thanks for noticing and caring. :)

Reporting of typos via email is more likely to get dropped or forgotten
than if they are in a bug.  Because of the amount of bugs, changes, and
feature requests that can come in for a document, we use bugzilla as a
tracking tool with some workflow processes.

To alleviate the pain a bit, here are a few ideas:

* Many docs use a prefilled bugzilla report.  You click on the link,
fill out two fields and submit.  Much less pain.  If a document does not
have such a link, it should.

* Gather a number of typos and include them in a single report,
minimizing time spent in bugzilla.  Use a prefilled template, where

* Get CVS access and fix them yourself.

I think the point is this:  if you find typos in a document, you are
likely to group them together into one email already.  You won't send a
separate email for every typo, right?  Once you've gone that far, it
only takes a few extra, short steps to make a bug report.

Because we can have bugzilla do dependency tracking, properly reported
bugs cannot fall through the cracks.

thx - Karsten
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