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Re: Fwd: zh_CN.po for IG done.

Hello, Sarah and Bernd!

Could we add some new translation modules for FC documentation translation process.

It is good idea to start with release-notes module as two (ru and zn_CN) translations already done.

I think we can allow translators prepare initial translation while we are discussing scripting details with Karsten.

-- Best regards, Andrew Martynov


Yuan Yijun wrote:

see fedora-gro cvs[1] for the po files, scripts and HTML output. Using xml2po.
When can we have a uniform translation process?

BTW, the zh_CN.po for release-notes is here[2] and the updated scripts
are here[3].
Thanks to A.M. and Fundawang @ Mandriva

bbbush ^_^

[1] http://gro.clinux.org/scm/cvsweb.php/sites/com.redhat.fedora.cvs.docs/install-guide/src/?cvsroot=fedora
[2] http://gro.clinux.org/scm/cvsweb.php/sites/com.redhat.fedora.cvs.docs/release-notes/FC4/src/?cvsroot=fedora
[3] http://gro.clinux.org/scm/cvsweb.php/sites/com.redhat.fedora.cvs.docs/jargon-buster/src/?cvsroot=fedora

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