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Re: Saxon?

On Thu, Jun 16, 2005 at 05:05:43PM -0500, Tommy Reynolds wrote:

> Uttered Tim Waugh <twaugh redhat com>, spake thus:
> > Maybe we should be looking at xmlroff, which doesn't have a dependency
> > on *yet another* XML parser
> Xmlroff just doesn't work at all yet.  Try converting the IG, for instance.

FWIW, I took a look at this.  There is a bug concerning bare
indexterms at the beginning of para blocks, and working around that I
ended up with some PDF output.

The fo:external-graphic support is being re-written currently, and so
there are no images.  Also, there is incorrect significant white-space
in a lot of places because of this sort of style:

 <para>  <!-- this white space is significant and *will* be rendered! -->
   Blah blah blah...

There are a few rendering glitches too, of course, but I am confident
things would improve fairly rapidly if the Fedora Project would lend
xmlroff some development support.  I think it's at the point now where
it is possible to pick an unimplemented property that you care about
and implement it.  The upstream maintainer is helpful when you have
questions about the code.

I've put the PDF I got here:


..and now I'll go and file the bug that indexterms trigger.


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