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Minutes from 21 June 2005 FDSCo meeting


Fedora Documentation Steering Committee (FDSCo)
21 June 2005
#fedora-docs on irc.freenode.net

Tammy Fox
Paul Frields
Stuart Ellis
Tommy Reynolds
Karsten Wade
Gavin Henry

New Stuff:
Docs-common module completed.  See this message for more details:


Translation process needed.  Relnotes are special and need to be
translated throughout test cycles, then a final update to go out with
the fedora-release package.  We need a process to vet that quality and
faithfulness of the translation.  For the entire release notes
process, there is a hard freeze deadlines, first for the release notes
so test and final translations can be done, then for translation
itself.  The relnotes are frozen and perhaps tagged for translation

To resolve PDF toolchain issues, set criteria or test cases for

Task Stuff:
Stuart - File a bug with a suggestion to put the pre-filled bugzilla
         at the bottom of a checklist of options, within the relnotes.

Karsten - Minute taker updates the list of tasks at
	  following the meeting and release of these minutes.

Karsten - Talk with DKL about upping the rights of FDSCo members for
	  fedora-docs component in bugzilla

Karsten - Release definition of how tasks are tracked.

	  1. Whiteboard projects on Wiki
	  2. Convert each task into a bug report
	  3. Make one or more master tracker bugs
	  4. Use the dependency tree in bugzilla to track tasks

	  reason to use bugzilla is that it is a common tool that will
	  do enough of what we need, as long as we use a manual
	  workflow on top of it.

	  tasks could be documents with their own set of dependencies,
	  or a chapter, a feature request, etc.

	  tasks can be infrastructure related, so for example with
	  alexandria (staging server), we break it down into the
	  pieces that need work.

	  becomes a place that links to specific master tracking bugs.

	  this is similar with other wiki pages,
	  e.g. EditorAssignments

Karsten - Make sure docs and trans are part of main FC schedule.
	  Start conversation about process with f-trans-l

Karsten - Make staging server description more clear, release to
	  f-docs-l for comments, work on getting resources.

Karsten - Post mirror-tutorial.

Karsten - Get Stuart and Paul added to the ACLs for f.r.c in cvs.

Paul - Post license question to

FDSCo - Subscribe to f-trans-l (for now).

Tommy - Looking at adding Saxon to xmlto.

Tommy - Looking into using gcj to compile Saxon and FOP.

Tommy - Write up how to branch and tag in CVS, for the mailing list
        and then for the DocG

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