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Hello, my name is Guy also known as 'misfit-toy' on #fedora.
An unfortunate choice of nicks made while my daughter was watching rudolph the rednose reindeer.

In any case, I am joining in here at the direction of mether and quaid to bring up two web sites I have that are devoted to fedora and see what direction I should take, if any...

The 1st site is http://fedorasolved.com which is what I call a 'reverse forum' in which there are no questions, only answers. Users post issues they have resolved themselves. There are no followup questions unless a 'fix' post is called into question.

The 2nd site is one formed recently by a number of independent website owners such as myself in the hopes of getting some kind of cohesion amongst us 'third party' sites. http://fedorasolved.com/fccp

I suppose my first question is one of authenticity? i.e. do you think these sites are valid in the eyes of fedora-marketing and should they continue as is, or change, or close?

Fedorasolved is getting quite a bit of traffic lately as people pick up on it, but I have avoided 'self promotion'.

Are there any plans to incorporate listings of private websites such as mine and others or are we on our own or are we stepping on toes here?

Just a few starter questions.

Hope to participate here.
Thanks for your consideration.

p.s. I am posting this identical email to fedora-marketing but not cross-posting it, so if you are on both lists forgive me for the duplication.
W. Guy Thomas <mrguytx austin rr com>

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