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Re: Self-Introduction: Robert 'Bob' Jensen

On Wed, 2005-06-22 at 23:58 -0500, Robert 'Bob' Jensen wrote:

> Robert 'Bob' Jensen

Greetings, again.  We've met on #fedora-docs, my nick is 'quaid'.
I know that the formal Fedora Project moves at its own pace, and that
can seem glacial to the unofficial community projects.  I do hope that
we can us fedora-docs-list as a place to discuss connections to other
community documentation efforts, do some collaboration, and generally
help our brothers and sisters out.

Many of the community support efforts are going to continue to prefer
their nimble approach.  However, I know that the Fedora Project is
already more nimble than in the past, and we benefit from the input of
the support-interested.

Welcome and cheers,

Karsten Wade, RHCE * Sr. Tech Writer * http://people.redhat.com/kwade/
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