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Re: Self-Introduction: Tatsuo Sekine

Uttered SEKINE "tatz" Tatsuo <tsekine sdri co jp>, spake thus:

> Hi all,

Greetings, Tatsuosan!

We welcome you into the Fedora Docs Project, as a translator, as a
techincal reviewer, and also in as many roles as you choose to
participate in!
> Full legal name:
>   Tatsuo Sekine
>   (In our culture, surname is coming first. So, I  normally
>    write my name "SEKINE Tatsuo", however, my name is
>    "Tatsuo Sekine" in English :-P)

I've taught some technical courses in Japan.  Since I'm most
comfortable at the Linux command line and use X11 to get lots of
xterm's on my screen, I was given the nickname NOGUI.  I hope that
doesn't mean one-who-codes-with-a-banana-in-each-ear.
> o What do you want to write about?
>     First of all, my first language is Japanese, so I'd like
>     to translate documents. If I can feel confidence about
>     my English, I'd like to write about yum repository
>     construction.

Your English is several orders of magnitute above my Japanese, so do
not be shy about contributing in either language.  If some English text 
reads awkwardly, lots of us will be happy to patch it; what's
important is getting the text typed in, so feel free to help out
> o Do you want to edit for grammar/writing and/or technical accuracy?
>     Yes. Technical accuracy is really important, though my
>     grammar/writing is sometime terrible.

Mine too, and I'm a native English speaker ;-)  The Fedora Docs
Project will be excellent practical experience.  Again, contribute
anywhere, anytime.

>     Apart from Fedora related project, I'm also a member of
>     Linux JM project where we translate Linux man pages. In
>     addition to that, the one of my job is technical
>     writing, so I have written some books for Linux
>     administration and shell scripting.

Great.  Many folks in this project are mostly tech writer types and
do not have strong programming skills.  We are constantly coming up
with shell or tools needs and another shell guy or admin will be
> o What level and type of computer skills do you have?
>     Novice kernel hacking, expert RPM packaging and etc.


You seem good to have around.  Thanks for volunteering!


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