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Re: Self-Introduction: Yoshinari Takaoka(a.k.a mumumu)

Uttered Yoshinari Takaoka <mumumu mumumu org>, spake thus:

> hi, all.

Welcome, Takaoka-san!
> What level and type of computer skills do you have?
>     Programming skill: java(Expert), php(intermediate), and python(novice).
>     Web application development skill : Expert.
>     Linux server administration skill :  intermediate.
>     translating and writing technical document : maybe, intermediate.

Yahoo!  A java expert!  Just what we need to help with the PDF
production problem.

I have a project that you could help with.  Our PDF generation is
currently broken.  One thing we would like to try to get the SAXON
parser and the Apache FOP tool compiled using gcj into native code.
Is that something you could take a look at?


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