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Re: [ANN] docs-common/Makefile.common

On Wed, 2005-06-29 at 10:54 -0400, Paul W. Frields wrote:

> By the way, the XSL has been fixed to embed the legalnotice in the
> nochunks version rather than creating an outboard file.  While someone
> shipping a document without images or CSS doesn't "break" the document
> per se, if it goes without the legalnotice intact, that could be
> considered an actual problem.

I'll have to get this into the example-tutorial (perhaps a no-chunks
version?), but the legalnotice appearing at the top of a no-chunks is
why I created all the weirdness around how the legalnotice is used.

legalnotice-en.xml calls in legalnotice-content-en.xml

If you use the standard legalnotice-en.xml and no-chunks, the entire
notice is displayed at the very top of the document above the table of

The alternative is to use (a version of?) legalnotice-relnotes-en.xml.
This file references an <appendix> that contains the full text, as is
common with source code and others -- you don't include a copy of the
GPL in the header of every file, you refer to LICENSE.

Then you make an <appendix> and use that to pull in legalnotice-content-

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