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Wed May 4 10:12:23 UTC 2005

Dear all,

I've just spent the past two hours or so getting together a list of all
the Self-Introductions, (which I haven't even done yet ;-) ), and I have
found lots of people that volunteered, but never did an intro.

The list is below with urls and year. What I want to know is if I should
only list on:

the Self-Intro people?

I would like us to drop the other volunteers an e-mail to see if they are
still interested, as some date back to 2003.



Christian Huegel (2003)

Bruce Martin (2003)

Joost Soeterbroek (2003)

Daniel Gonzalez (2003)

Mike MacCana (2004)

Karsten Wade (2004)

Sulyok Péter (2004)

Marc Bruggeman (2004)

Brad Smith (2004)

Laurel Kline (2004)

Mark Johnson (2004)

Stuart Ellis (2004)

Tom Large (2004)

Vladimir Djokic (2004)

Binh Nguyen (2004)

Kevin H. Hobbs (2004)

Basil Copeland (2004)

Mayank Sharma (2005)

Gustavo Seabra (2005)

Duncan Lithgow (2005)

Charles C Heselton (2005)

Thomas R. Jones (2005)

Eric Jon Rostetter (2005)

Gareth Russell (2005)

Rahul Sundaram (2005)

William Hoffmann (2005)

Michael Kearey (2005)

Tommy Reynolds (2005)

Ronny Buchmann (2005)

And let's not forget Paul W. Frields and Tammy Fox.

Have I missed anyone else?

Some of these might be the same person. So that makes a total of:

31 Authors/Writers (including Paul, Tammy, me and the potentials.)

That's not too bad!!!

Kind Regards,

Gavin Henry.
Managing Director.

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