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Tue May 10 22:55:11 UTC 2005

	/me thinks "Hrm... I've been writing the FAQ since the day FC1 was
released. :-) Maybe I should do one of those self-introduction things on
some list, someday..." :-D

	I also figured that maybe it was time to sign up for the fedora-docs-
list. :-) So, happy coincidence, both of these thoughts happened

Personal Details

Full legal name: Maxwell Kanat-Alexander
City, Country:   San Jose, CA
Profession:      Founder & Computer Guy
Company:         Everything Solved

	I'm also the Release Manager of Bugzilla, as well as being one of its
primary contributors.

Fedora-Docs and Me

+ Your goals in the Fedora Project:
    Be nice. Help out. Have fun. :-)

+ What do you want to write about?
    Trogdor. And love.
    However, failing that, I'll write the uFAQ. :-)
    And maybe somebody could coax me into writing some other stuff, some
day... who knows. :-)

+ What other documentation do you want to see published?
    Well, I'd like to expand my Fedora Basics FAQ a bit, here and
there. :-)

+ Do you want to edit for grammar/writing and/or technical accuracy?
    Well, I certainly *could*... it might take waving a dead fish in my
face, though. :-)
    No, but seriously -- if it's ever like, down to the last minute, and
you desperately need an editor, I'll do it. I'm quite good at it. :-)

+ Anything else special?
    I'm mostly just here to provide witty comments and insight if I have
something to say. And maybe I'll get caught up in something interesting
and contribute a bit. :-)

Historical Qualifications

+ What other projects or writing have you worked on in the past?
    Well, for one. :-)

    I also wrote a lot of the Kerio (where I used to work) Knowledge
Base, and some Bugzilla documentation here and there.

    Oh, and I wrote a 50-page training manual for Kerio, too.

    And finally (in my never-ending string of paragraphs with obviously
creative and unique transitions like "and" and "also") I'm an excellent
songwriter. I'm not sure how relevant that is, though. :-) Unless you
want a Fedora Theme Song.

+ What level and type of computer skills do you have?

+ What other skills do you have that might be applicable? User interface
  design, other so-called soft skills (people skills), programming, etc.
    I am really, really good at talking to people. I'm also really good
at explaining how things work.

    I'm also particularly good at taking very busted, messy processes or
code and making them shine in the morning light.

+ What makes you an excellent match for the project?
    Me and the project have been going steady for about two years, now.
I think we might get engaged.

GPG KEYID and fingerprint:

[maxka at localhost ~]$ gpg --fingerprint A1093CAE
pub  1024D/A1093CAE 2000-05-23 Max Kanat-Alexander <mkanat at>
     Key fingerprint = E119 9240 601C 389A 9FF0  3DE6 68BD 83FD A109 3CAE
uid                            Maxwell Kanat-Alexander (Primary email starting in Sept. 2003) <maxka at>
uid                            Max Kanat-Alexander <max_list at>
sub  1024g/8D25F5F0 2000-05-23

	Note that that doesn't include any of my actual personal email
addresses. :-) Just use this one. :-)

Fedora is definitely part of the "everything" in Everything Solved.
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