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David-Paul Niner dpniner at
Wed Nov 2 19:26:58 UTC 2005

Greetings!  My name is David-Paul Niner.

I am a 35 year-old "just returning to college" male presently residing 
in Orange Park, Florida (that's a suburb of Jacksonville in the very 
northeast corner of the state), in the United States.

Although I am only presently attending part-time classes (I recently 
resigned from the local government arena, but enjoyed dragging them into 
the world of open source nonetheless), I will begin full-time studies in 
the Computer Science program at the University of North Florida in the 
Spring of 2006.

I enjoy writing immensely.   The idea of becoming part of something as 
important as the Fedora Project excites me; I feel I have much to 

My several years experience as a network/systems administrator and my 
independent studies of CS have allowed me to develop a certain level of 
comfort when communicating with others on a technical level.  However, I 
also enjoy acting as a translator for those less inclined to learn the 
more arcane aspects of computer operations and the language itself.

Have you ever met someone who was absolutely obsessive about writing 
and/or grammar perfection?  If so, it was probably me.   I'm the sort of 
person who reads everything over two, three, and occasionally four times 
before committing to it.   It's both a blessing and a curse, but it's 
something I enjoy.   I take great pride in attending to detail.

I have no formal technical writing training (save for the usual grammar 
and literature classes taught in college), although I feel confident 
that I can "hit the ground running" in that area.

The simplistic genius of the Gnome environment impresses me; It is that 
style of interface design--the enormous amount of function balanced 
against a nearly clutter-free layout--that I find attractive.   Having 
the ability to fine-tune one's desktop environment is, in my opinion, 
not nearly as important to the average user as some believe; I believe 
that ease-of-use and intuitiveness will always be more appreciated.    
If this is a vision shared by you then perhaps I could benefit your team 
by doing some interface design work.

As an aside, I enjoy creative writing as a form of stress relief, and 
have given serious thought to attempting to publish a work of fiction in 
the near-to-mid future.

I have great respect for both the Fedora Project  and for the individual 
members who compose the whole.    Redhat/Fedora is the only flavor of 
Linux I've seriously come to study, and I've been using one form or 
another now for nearly eight years (and have used Fedora on the desktop 
since its conception).    I'm now ready to give back in some way if 
anyone is interested!

Below please find my gpg information for review:


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Your time and attention are appreciated,
David-Paul Niner

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