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Sat Sep 17 15:22:54 UTC 2005

Full legal name (as you use it is fine) 

Scott Glaser
      * Virginia Beach, VA, USA
      * Senior Engineer
      * Lockheed Marting 
      * Your goals in the Fedora Project 
              * What do you want to write about? 
                      * Just about anything that will make Fedora
			easier to understand for a New Users. 
              * What other documentation do you want to see published?
                      * That is hard to say, first I would like to
			assist in making the Fedora Core 4 Installation
			Guide a document that will help new users in
			installing Fedora Core with little or no
			assistance no mater what method of install
			they choose.
              * Do you want to edit for grammar/writing and/or technical
                      * I am willing to help the group in any way I can.
      * Historical qualifications 
              * What other projects or writing have you worked on in the
                      * I have done a bit of technical writing while an
			employee at Lockheed Martin. Mainly test
			procedures, but lately I have had to generate
			and edit some Linux/Networking training
			lessons and presentations as non-programmer
			I think the Documentation Project is a
                        perfect fit for me as a way to contribute.
              * What level and type of computer skills do you have? 
                      * I am an electronics specialist that has learned
			how to use computers as part of my work. I am 
			currently preparing to return to school as I 
			realize that I still have a lot to learn about 
			computers.  I have a vast general knowledge in
			various computer platforms from PC to VME
			and have worked with just about every OS that is
			currently available.
              * What other skills do you have that might be applicable?
                User interface design, other so-called soft skills
                (people skills), programming, etc. 
                      * Being an employee of a major defense
			contractor I have numerous skills that 
			may be of benefit. As I work with the US
			Navy I am pretty good a taking technical
			data and making it easier for the end-user
			to understand. I would say that I am pretty
			good at generating how-to documents.
              * What makes you an excellent match for the project? 
                      * I guess what makes me an excellent match for
			the project is the fact that I really enjoy
			helping people learn how to use Linux.  I 
			started with Redhat 6.x and have not turned 
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Scott Glaser
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