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Minutes of FDSCo Meeting 11th April 2006

Attending Members:

Karsten Wade (quaid)
Paul Frields (stickster)
Gavin Henry (ghenry)
Stuart Ellis (elliss_athome)

Also Participating:

Robert Jensen (appearing as BobJensen, and EvilBob)
Elliot Lee (Sopwith)

Schedule of Tasks:



Paul: Updates will be committed to CVS to fix package building.

Paul: The Documentation Guide will be rewritten. The proposed structure
for the new Documentation Guide will be submitted to the mailing list
for comments. The structure will then be created within the Wiki.

Karsten: The Wiki to Docbook process has been improved, but this process
is not yet fully automated. Robert will convene a meeting to progress

Karsten: The Classpath maintainer is interested in working with the FDP
to resolve the current issues with running Apache FOP on Free Java.
Collaboration will probably be done through the forthcoming DevNation
project infrastructure.

Elliot: Migration of Translation infrastructure is currently blocked by
the requirement to migrate the current translations Web application, and
merge it's accounts system with the main Fedora accounts system.

Full IRC Log:



Stuart Ellis

stuart elsn org

Fedora Documentation Project: http://fedora.redhat.com/projects/docs/

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