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John Babich jmbabich at
Sat Aug 12 12:58:32 UTC 2006

    My name is John Babich.

    I normally live and work near Baltimore, Maryland in the US.
However, I'm temporarily working overseas as a GSM Reporting
Manager with Norconsult Telematics. For the record, this is a
volunteer effort in my spare time.

My Goals and Qualifications

    I would like to assist the Fedora Core Documentation Project
in any way possible. My primary interest is in producing documents
to help promote Fedora Core in particular and desktop Linux in

    I'm a long-time user of Linux and I'd like to give something
back in return. I see my role initially as an editor/proofreader,
but can contribute some articles on the technical aspects of Linux.

    I've spent the last 25 years working in some aspect of IT and,
more recently, telecommunications. I ran my own LAN/WAN integration
business and taught public seminars on local area and wide area
networks. I also helped start one of the first NetWare user groups
and was active in NetWare Users International.

    I use Fedora Core as my everyday desktop. I take every
opportunity to promote Fedora Core in my workplace and among
my friends and family.

    My current assignment requires me to do a great deal of
technical writing. These are mostly project status reports in
MS Office formats (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). I prefer to work
in, but a guy's got to eat. I'm new to DocBook
and I hope to be up-to-speed shortly, thanks to some great
online documentation.

    Despite the Novell connection, I prefer Fedora Core over
SUSE. This is due to my good results with using Red Hat Linux,
starting with version 5.0. I say this despite the good old days
of using experimental (as in alpha, not beta) video and sound
drivers to get a Linux desktop on my IBM ThinkPad.

    Consequently, I feel I'm an excellent match due to my prior
experience with user groups, long history of using Red Hat and
Fedora Core, and my current experience with technical writing.

    Even though I'm a brilliant monolinguist, I get excited at
the thought of working on a global multilingual project like
Fedora Core.

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