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Re: Self-Introduction: John Babich

John Babich wrote:
Damien and Paul, thanks for the quick and hearty welcome.

I went through the required steps to create the SSH and GPG keys, filled
out, signed and returned the ICLA, and created a Wiki account. I think I did all the
steps necessary to get started. Let me know if I missed any.

Paul, I look forward to working on the suggested documents. It seems evident from the Introduction in the Desktop User Guide that I need to install FC6 Test 2 as
soon as possible. This may take a few days due to generally slow connections
in the part of the world in which I'm currently working.

You would generally require only the first two CD's for the default desktop set. So the connection is slow that would be a good way to get started quickly.

If you are documenting other desktop environments like KDE you would require more CD's of course.

9th october is the current planned release date for Fedora Core 6



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