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Focus on two guides for FC6 and a schedule

We have just enough time to complete two important guides for FC6:

* Desktop User Guide (new)
* Installation Guide (update)

This would give us an additional guide over the FC5 release.

We need to do this with the resources we have now, while doing our magic
for the release notes.  A bonus would be getting both guides available
for translation prior to the release.  I've updated the schedule to
reflect this.  Our content is due into alpha/draft on 28 August (Wiki)
or 30 August (XML in CVS):


To succeed, we need to focus FDP on getting this done.  I ask each of
you to put your name on *one* of these contributor pages, or two if you
are not doing a primary role on the second guide.  We need to be
realistic about how much personal time we have to finish these on time.


Each team needs a designated leader who is accountable for making sure
all other contributors know what they are responsible for, when it is
due, and where it has to go.  This is not a hard role, but someone needs
to do it.

How does this approach sound?  Any suggestions to improve it?  Is my
schedule too crazy/aggressive to you?  Do you think we should be focused
on a different set of guides?  Do you want to work on something else and
not these guides or the release notes?

Let's get any issues resolved and proceed to writing.  I personally have
just a bit of time to put into these guides, and want to know what I am
doing is contributing to the release. ;-)  I'm sure you all feel the

cheers - Karsten
Karsten Wade, RHCE, 108 Editor    ^     Fedora Documentation Project 
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