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Re: Translation QSG

Hi all.
Alle 20:32, domenica 6 agosto 2006, Paul W. Frields ha scritto:
> As I get updated versions, I'll publish them.  Translators who use our
> special wiki publication queue page will get top priority:
>   http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DocsProject/PublishQueue

I have updated the document and the wiki.

> Remember to get a fellow translator to check your work so we can publish
> your translation right away!

Now, I'm looking for a supervisor for the document.
Probably I find the appropriated person in Guido Caruso, a Fedora enthusiast 
that work as teacher in the Palermo University in italy, but he told me that 
he has some problems to subscribe to fedora-trans-it redhat com mailing list.
After the message:"Your subscription request has been received, and will soon 
be acted upon. Depending on the configuration of this mailing list, your 
subscription request may have to be first confirmed by you via email, or 
approved by the list moderator"
the server will not gave him any response about subscription...
How do I solve this problem?

Francesco Tombolini <tombo adamantio net>
Key fingerprint = EDA9 7504 AA93 CEFC 5990  1356 8584 6B05 F140 5F73

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