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Re: Installation .png files

On 08/16/06 19:42 -1000 Edward Haddock wrote:
> Aloha,
> 	Installed FC6 RC2 via VMPlayer and took .png files with KSnapshot.
> Saved the cropped with The Gimp. Got a total of 29 of them zipped up
> nice and neat. Who wants? Where to send? I am not able to do much these
> days to help you guys out with writing Docs and stuff but I can at least
> take some screen shots. If needed I suppose I could also take shots of
> the Desktop for a Desktop users guide. Just let me know what you need.
> Many Mahalo's Edward
Heya Edward -- cool. I was just going to do that! Send 'em over to me and I can
make sure they are sized right and get them into CVS, etc. Unless Paul has
another idea?


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