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Re: Fedora Installation Guide FC6

Scott Glaser wrote:

Per our discussion Tuesday evening in #fedora-docs there were a few open
items for the FC6 Installation Guide. This is what I got out of the

1. Need to cover the extra repo entry.
2. Need to cover IPv6.
3. There are still a couple odds 'n' ends that also need to be covered.

I need a bit more information. What is the extra repo entry? What are
the other odds and ends? Could you please expand on these so I can get
started on these this weekend?

I guess "extra repo entry" refers to the ability of Anaconda in Fedora Development tree to use any yum software repository during installation itself so that you can select and install packages from Fedora Extras and any custom defined repository by providing the url

There are a couple of screenshots at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Tours/FedoraCore6

IPV6 and other changes are documented in the Anaconda package changelog and in the current release notes beats


Note that the above beats covers things in terms of features and we would want to rephrase things so that the end user *benefits* are more clearly stated. I will do that in the release notes before the general release of Fedora Core 6.

You can talk to Jeremy in #fedora-devel Freenode IRC channel or mail katz redhat com (cc'ed) to discussion these things further.

It is also likely that the installer will have a different theme before the final release.



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