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Re: Focus on two guides for FC6 and a schedule

On Fri, 2006-08-18 at 21:04 -0700, Karsten Wade wrote:

> Do you have a native way of tagging the posts you think are worthy?  If
> not, perhaps you (and others) can go through the postings and use
> del.icio.us to tag them.  Use a tag such as 'fedora-dug'.  If we focus
> on generating the huge list of candidates, that makes it easier for all
> of us to add our efforts together.  For example, I can wade through
> fedora-dug tagged items much more efficiently than finding posts in
> fedorasolved.org. :)


What I can do is compile a list of the links that look to be docs
compliant (no questionable content).  I have started a list here:


As I go through more of the content I will update this list.  I hope
this helps.

Scott Glaser
Fedora Core User
Web - http://fedoraunity.org http://fedorasolved.org 
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