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ISO file burning how-to

When I wrote this:-


I thought the general agreement was to place a plain text version of it in the 
ISO files download folder. For FC5 it never happened, even though it was 
supposed to. See comment 25 of bug 178847.

It would of course not be practical to put a read-me file in the same folder 
as the ISO files in all languages, but if only an English version was placed 
there as intended, it would be an enormous help.

We still get messages posted by would-be Fedora users who have difficulties 
with the procedure I documented. I posted the above link into the wiki onto 
the Fedora list again this morning because its presence is anything but 

Also see comment 13 of the same bug. Will FC6 suck again?

Dave Fletcher

Registered Linux user number 393408

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