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test3 relnotes translation location

We have had the release note's POT file put into the i18n.redhat.com CVS
and translation system.  This email is in support of A S Alam's.

As we discussed last time, all translation for the release notes is now
happening through that CVS.  When it is done, we are going to *copy* the
files from one CVS back to the other.

If you are translating release notes, you need to:

i. Merge any changes in your PO files from the
cvs.fedoraproject.org/docs/cvs/release-notes/devel/po into the PO files
on i18n.redhat.com.

ii. Do all translation in i18n.redhat.com

There have been very few changes; only four of the original XML files
were updated between test2 and test3.  This is good, because we are a
few days late in making the PO files available, and we still need to
respect the 02 September due date for translations:


Thanks again to Paul W. Frields and A S Alam.  We're still doing too
much manually, but we are improving incrementally with each test and

- Karsten
Karsten Wade, RHCE, 108 Editor    ^     Fedora Documentation Project 
 Sr. Developer Relations Mgr.     |  fedoraproject.org/wiki/DocsProject
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