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Re: Overview bloat? (was [Fedora Project Wiki] Update of "Docs/Beats/Desktop" by RahulSundaram)

On Wed, 2006-08-30 at 19:38 +0530, Rahul wrote:

> As the beat writer for the section, I chose the current style to give 
> our users a very quick glance at major changes rather than make them 
> scroll through different sections to get an idea of the improvements. It 
> could be possible that there are desktop changes that arent major and 
> require some brief coverage in other sections but if a section is empty 
> as it is right now, we can drop it before the final release IMO.

I agree with both of these.  I just don't want to see all the content
migrate to the OverView. :)  As the overview beat writer, I'm sure you'd

Let's wait until 20 Sep (the deadline we're pushing out to the devel
lists) for any changes/additions from that group.  At that point, we'll
cull all the beats that have no content.

- Karsten
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