Self-Introduction: Cody DeHaan

Cody DeHaan cody.dehaan at
Sun Feb 5 04:20:30 UTC 2006

- Cody DeHaan
- Wisconsin, USA
- Student
- As a recent cold-turkey convert after years of meddling with Linux,
I would like to aid in the creation of documentation in things that
could really help people make that step from looking at Linux/Fedora,
to truly using it. I have been using RedHat since version 6, and
followed the migration to Fedora Core. I have many ideas for
documentation that I could contribute. I would be more than willing to
help in the process of editing documents, and I am willing to attempt
just about anything.
- I have done computer support for quite some time now. I have fairly
advanced computer skills, administering a Domain environment, and I
have experience in NT/XP/2003, Linux and OS X. I have experience in
web design, along with simplifying documentation/instructions to make
it easy to read and follow for even a novice user. Overall, I really
appreciate the documentation that helped me fully make the switch to
Fedora that I have used up until now, and I would like to help give
something back in any way possible. Thanks for your time and I look
forward to working with all of you!

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