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Minutes of FDSCo Meeting 14 February 2006

Attending Members:

Karsten Wade (quaid)
Tommy Reynolds (megacoder)
Paul Frields (stickster)
Gavin Henry (G2)
Stuart Ellis (elliss)

Also Participating:

Patrick Barnes (nman64)
Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams (ignacio)

Schedule of Tasks:



* Karsten: Fedora documentation to be relicensed under the OPL. The
optional "no-modification" clause will not be used, to ensure that the
documentation is freely modifiable as well as being freely

The Wiki content will also be explicitly licensed under the OPL. This
requires the agreement of contributors. Each contributor to the Wiki
will be contacted for their approval.

Preliminary information is on Karsten's blog entry for February 14: 


More information to be posted on the Documentation mailing list shortly.

* Karsten: The documentation maintained by Red Hat is to be relicensed
to match the new Fedora documentation licensing. This will include the
Directory Server documentation, as well as the documentation for Red Hat
Enterprise Linux.

The common license will enable Red Hat Content Services and outside
contributors to collaborate through Fedora. It will also enable the
documentation to be redistributed with Fedora.

* Tommy: Documentation translators have agreed to transition to the PO
method of providing translations. 

* Paul: A start page is required for the desktop help browsers. The
files will need to be included in the fedora-release package.

This bug tracks progress:


Full IRC Log:



Stuart Ellis

stuart elsn org

Fedora Documentation Project: http://fedora.redhat.com/projects/docs/

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