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Wiki Licensing

The Fedora Documentation Project has agreed to the OPL[1] for all formal 
documentation.  We now wish to apply this same license to the 
fedoraproject.org wiki.  This will require some dramatic actions and changes, 
and will have a huge impact on contributions to the wiki.  The single biggest 
change would be the requirement of the CLA for EditGroup privileges.  Rather 
than make a closed and unilateral decision, this is now briefly open for 
discussion.  The currently-proposed plan is now on the wiki[2], and this wiki 
page is the place to add your comments.  You may subscribe to the page if you 
wish to keep track of things.

If the decision is made to go through with this plan (and, no, it isn't a 
vote), changes would happen quickly.  The decision is ultimately up to the 
Fedora Foundation board and a few key personnel.  The idea already has the 
backing of the Fedora Documentation Project, myself, and our top wiki 


Patrick "The N-Man" Barnes
nman64 n-man com

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