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Sun Jan 22 16:04:27 UTC 2006

Name: David Niemi
 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Profession: Working as Environmental Engineer and Manager

Company: Environment Canada, only a personal interest in the project, no
professional (work) involvement

Goals in the Fedora Project:
 - In an editorial fashion contribute to the readability,
comprehensibility, and interpretation of documentation for the newbie /
average user of Fedora / Linux.
 - Offer suggestions for the enhancement of documentation
 - Assist in getting the docs out in as timely a fashion as possible.
I know I am probably not the best person to lead the development of a
document but feel that I am capable of contributing to it and at the
same time learning more about OS, it's ins and outs.  At this time there
are too many possibilities for documents, though one that has been
suggested on the Fedora list is a summarization of many of the more
common problems and solutions that are posted.

I can edit for writing and delve into things to determine technical
accuracy and though Grammar has never been my forte, could contribute
there. I would not be good at documents dealing with programing,
scripting and the like.

Historical qualifications:
I have used Linux for the past 2 years though I first played around with
it from 94 - 96 but didn't go very far.  I Only have programming
experience with Fortran and Visual dbase. I feel that I am quite
generally adept with computers hhardware, software, and OS's and can
usually figure out how to do most things though not afraid to ask for
assistance when required.  I have set up a small home network and
experienced many of the issues with getting Fedora to talk with

I have written documents and participated in the team development of
many documents both published and unpublished while working at my
current job.  I do not keep a brag sheet of my documents and
contributions, I don't even care really if my name appears on them, I
just like to (and have to @ work) ensure that they are technically
correct and lead to the proper interpretation of the information.

I would be an excellent match for the project as while I have a low to
moderate familiarity with Fedora and Linux I am still pretty new at
other aspects and from this point would see things from a different
angle from other highly knowledgeable people.  I also lack some of the
assumed knowledge that can be hidden behind a couple sentences.  I enjoy
contributing to the writing of documents, learning new and challenging
things, love working with computers, and can visualize / sympathize the
information gulf that this project is in the process of bridging.

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