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Docbook XML to PDF convertion


I was indicated to this list, so here I am :)

Last year I began working on a 'book', explaining many things to the Linux world for newbies and somewhat advanced users. At that time, I choose to use the Fedora Documentation style because I liked the way it works and presents itself (it is pretty ;)

The book now has more than 100 pages, and it is in portuguese. I always use the Fedora's Documentation Guide as reference, so the 7253-line XML is nice and validates very well on building HTML pages (chunks and no-chunks).

Since I'll release the book freely, I will need a PDF version for distribuition, since many people will like to print it. The Documentation Guide says that PDF generation is somewhat broken :(

Still I'm building the pdf format well, but somethings are just broken: like lists (itemizedList, orderedList, etc), tables (really messed up), the "commands" box, and such are not showing pretty like in the html version.

Is there any way to fix these issues? I want to keep this book in this format (Fedora's XML Docbook) since I liked and is much convenient. In the other way, I need the PDF "pretty" version too :(

Some tips? Advices? Tutorials on changing and customizing the xsl stylesheets? :)

If anyone wants to see the PDF version, I uploaded to:

Any help apreciated!
Thanks :)


"Talk is cheap. Show me the code." - Linus Torvalds

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