Updated Server Guide for Fedora Core 5

Patrick W. Barnes nman64 at n-man.com
Mon Jul 3 03:41:56 UTC 2006

On Sunday 02 July 2006 07:34, Miles Brennan <miles at brennan.id.au> wrote:
> Paul W. Frields wrote:
> >>> 1.  The document is licensed as CC BY-NC-SA, so you would need to
> >>> relicense it as OPL 1.0 [2] for the Fedora Documentation Project to use
> >>> it.
> I've had a read of the OPL, am I able to choose options with the license?

No.  All documents within the Fedora Documentation Project are licensed under 
the OPL 1.0 without options.  More on our licensing and other legal details 
can be found in the Legal section of the wiki:


If you have questions about the license or why we use it, feel free to ask.

> The document didn't get submitted last year because I didn't have time
> to bring it up to the latest version (FC4) and to then start preparing
> for the next revision before it's scheduled release.
> May I suggest that we possibly prepare this document "as is" for FC5,
> obvioulsy fixing any major technicalities, and then start working on the
> next revision ready for the final release of FC6. This may also allow me
> time to finish off the extra 3 chapters on my TODO list.

We have plenty of draft documents that are completely accessible to the 
public.  This could join them in its current form.  We can work on preparing 
it for FC6 and can move it to a published state whenever it is ready.

> My wiki account is "MilesBrennan" and my cvsdocs is "mbrennan" (waiting
> approval).
> I hope you have a good backup, I have used neither of these before ;-)

The beauty of both of these is that they provide revision control.  We can fix 
almost any screw-up.  Still, we'd be happy to answer any questions before you 
have to resort to experimentation.

I've added you to the wiki's EditGroup, which should be enough to get you 
started.  If you agree to the licensing, we can further develop your document 
in the wiki before we even begin to worry about CVS.

Patrick "The N-Man" Barnes
nman64 at n-man.com



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