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On Monday 03 July 2006 03:56, "Adam Moreland" <journo_bouy at hotmail.co.uk> 
> Reading some of these posts on a server guide [Re: Updated Server Guide for
> Fedora Core 5], i would like to submit, or rather enquire as to the
> validity of adding a guide on wireless internet installation using
> ndiswrapper, and also touch on some of the built in wireless support, such
> as IPW2200...
> I have written recently, and refined, a guide for Fedora Core 5, for the
> installation and configuration of a wireless network using ndiswrapper,
> that includes how to configure WEP/WPA/TKIP security encryption, and how to
> install ndiswrapper using yum and repos, manual compiles, and from cvs.
> This guide has been the culmination of extensive work, based on problmes
> many many people have with wireless internet, and using ndiswrapper. In
> fact most dont even know what ndiswrapper is, or what it does, let alone
> how to use it. To date, i have yet to see any official fedora instructions
> for this type of problem, and only scattered wiki pages that are often mish
> mashed together on [1].
> My wireless guide is written in HTML, and is viewable here [2] and is
> detailed and split into sections, for ease of reading. If some one can have
> a look over this guide. I would cleans this guide up, and re-write in the
> third person, should this guide be of use as an official document. I
> already have had my guide linked to a number of times by various places,
> including fedoraforum.org, and also [3] fedorazine.
> [1]http://ndiswrapper.sourceforge.net
> [2]http://www.manix-place.co.uk/wireless.html
> [3]http://www.fedorazine.com
> I feel this guide could help many more fedora users, and could do with
> being made "official", given the lack of information on the web about
> wireless unless you know what you are looking for, and how to use it. This
> guide simplifies the mass of information into 7 sections that guide you
> through preparations to installations and finally configurations, with
> troubleshooting, and useful links sections. POlease feel free to comment on
> this and let me know what can be done about making this official.
> And further, with respect to this:
> >I usually withhold my more blatant and gushing enthusiasm until such
> >time as additional folks step up to help whip these documents into
> >fighting shape.  Looking at our contributor list[1], I see a lot of
> >names that popped up for roughly five minutes on the mailing list and
> >then were never seen again.
> >
> >Would you be interested in joining in the effort[2]?  Your enthusiasm
> >could be contagious if followed up with some elbow grease!  :-)
> >
> >= = =
> >[1] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DocsProject/Contributors [2]
> >http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DocsProject/NewWriters
> i have been involved as much as i can, admittidly not as much as i had
> hoped, but i actually never thought this guide, or anything else could be
> of use. I have an NTFS guide on the same website (listed in my sig) should
> this also be of any use, and have many more lined up, which is why i have
> not been as active. However i have been trying to edit wikis in the games
> sections as often as i can, and work with the docs projects. I am eager to
> write more and could to with some guidance from those more experienced. I
> am also not adverse to elbow grease, so i think you will enjoy the final
> products i produce, under the right guidance and criticisms.
> Sorry for the extensive reply, and i hope someone can help guide me, and
> comment on this work??

Unfortunately, neither of these guides are suitable for inclusion by the 
Fedora Documentation Project.  We follow the same commitments as the rest of 
the Fedora Project, which prevents the inclusion of documentation on non-free 
or non-open source technologies.  See the ForbiddenItems page for a few 
examples of things we won't document:


This material sounds appropriate for Fedora Unity.  You might consider 
contacting that team.


Patrick "The N-Man" Barnes
nman64 at n-man.com



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