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Mon Jul 3 12:49:17 UTC 2006

On Mon, 2006-07-03 at 05:08 -0500, Patrick W. Barnes wrote:
> On Monday 03 July 2006 03:56, "Adam Moreland" <journo_bouy at hotmail.co.uk> 
> wrote:
> > i have been involved as much as i can, admittidly not as much as i had
> > hoped, but i actually never thought this guide, or anything else could be
> > of use. I have an NTFS guide on the same website (listed in my sig) should
> > this also be of any use, and have many more lined up, which is why i have
> > not been as active. However i have been trying to edit wikis in the games
> > sections as often as i can, and work with the docs projects. I am eager to
> > write more and could to with some guidance from those more experienced. I
> > am also not adverse to elbow grease, so i think you will enjoy the final
> > products i produce, under the right guidance and criticisms.

<smile class="bemused">

It appears I inadvertently touched a nerve in some people at whom my
"disappear" comment was not directed.  I know we have a number of
volunteers lurking about who give time and energy when they can.  We see
your commits on the Wiki since many of us use the watch lists and are
notified when you make them.  Adam, you and many others have our
gratitude for your contributions.  Please understand my comment was only
a little despondent over the fact that we have fewer hands on board than
we'd like... although that makes us absolutely no different than any
part of Fedora, or even most free software projects.


> > Sorry for the extensive reply, and i hope someone can help guide me, and
> > comment on this work??
> Unfortunately, neither of these guides are suitable for inclusion by the 
> Fedora Documentation Project.  We follow the same commitments as the rest of 
> the Fedora Project, which prevents the inclusion of documentation on non-free 
> or non-open source technologies.  See the ForbiddenItems page for a few 
> examples of things we won't document:
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/ForbiddenItems
> This material sounds appropriate for Fedora Unity.  You might consider 
> contacting that team.
> http://fedoraunity.org/

+0.75:  Several people have raised the point on the f-a-b list that the
upstream kernel has included an NTFS driver for a LONG time, and since
the OIN protects the kernel, there should be no prohibition against
Fedora shipping at least a read-only NTFS kernel module.  If we can
resolve that issue successfully, an NTFS guide which restricts itself to
that protected part of the problem space (i.e. the portion solved by an
included kernel module) would be a useful and good thing.

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