Corrections/additions in common files from contributors? (was: translation-quick-start-guide/po el.po etc.)

Dimitris Glezos dimitris at
Mon Jul 3 21:10:33 UTC 2006

O/H Paul W. Frields έγραψε:
> I just found the problem and fixed it in the Makefile.common (I think).
> Make sure you do a 'cvs up' on your docs-common/ module to get the
> changes.


good work today, we needed these additions. ;)

Just a quick question. I just found something that needs correction in
the pot file (1). In such cases, should we go forward, correct it and
produce the new .po files or should we send an email to the list so that
you will handle it?


 ^1 : Line 467 of TQSG.pot, word "are" needs correction to "is". I
attached a patch for the correction in case the second is the answer to
my question.

Dimitris Glezos
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