Fwd: new writer intro

Tommy Reynolds Tommy.Reynolds at MegaCoder.com
Tue Jul 4 02:33:33 UTC 2006

> Hi Ria!  Nice to meet you, and it sounds like you have a lot of skills
> to offer.

/me gets cold-chill premonition of things to come...
> > Writing - I've done some sports writing.  I won't be useful for
> > translation because English (South Eastern US dialect, y'all) is the
> > only language I know.  Bad on me.  I'm told that I'm good at
> > translating tech talk for managers.
> Great, you can translate whatever Tommy (megacoder, our resident
> programming genius) says, since I think he's also a Southerner.  I'm in
> Virginia, but I'm just as close to DC as Richmond, which I think
> nowadays makes me a Yankee.  But I do love sweet tea.

Paul, I'm an Alabama native; you don't get more Southern than that.
I'll forego speculation about your damnyankeeness and ask just one
question: does that tea have lemon or lemon juice in it ;-)

Rai, seddown tekyer shoesoffun sittaspell.  Mekyersel t'home.
> We hang around IRC on #fedora-docs and you are more than welcome there,
> just drop in and introduce yourself.

Yes, Rai, you are indeed welcome.  I'm looking forward to meeting you
over on #fedora-docs.  

Pick a topic or ask for a suggested assignment.  

Gottanuf t'go arund.

I'm already an anomaly, I shall soon be an anachronism, and I have
every intention of dying an abuse!

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