The moin->docbook conversion

Karsten Wade kwade at
Tue Jul 4 20:13:34 UTC 2006

On Tue, 2006-07-04 at 08:15 +0300, Mikko Virkkilä wrote:
> I'm a Google Summer of Code 2006 student working on improving the way moin 
> can handle docbook.
> I'm wrapping up the first stage which was about going from a wikipage to docbook.
> The test wiki is at

We'll test it out a little later with the content from

Just have to decide if we should do the changes (below) on the canonical
or in the copy on  I _think_ it makes sense to use the
new syntax all over, since we are using your new changes to output to
XML for the release notes..  There is not enough time to get the release
notes beat writers to use the new syntax for the FC6 test2 release, but
we can get it changed over for the test3 release.  

There, answered my own question -- we're switching to the new syntax and
macro needs, even if they don't work on the Wiki.

Note to others -- Mikko and I discussed the formatting (indenting) of
the XML; since we already use xmlformat to clean it up, we're going to
include that as part of the toolchain/process for outputting XML from
the Wiki.  He is using xmllint to verify, so it should be clean XML and
cause no problems going through xmlformat.

cheers - Karsten

> Feel free to try it out.
> Some stuff in the 
> don't apply 
> to this wiki:
>   * WikiNames get converted in to complete urls
>   * FootNote macro works
>   * Include macro works, but a new similar macro called Insert is 
> preferred.
>   * TableOfContents-macro gets automatically ignored
>   * Admonition-macro for generating admonitions.
> I have still some minor code cleaning to do, but this part should be 
> feature complete. Please don't hesitate to report bugs directly to me.
> Next I'll start working on converting a docbook to the moin-syntax.
> Cheers,
> Mikko
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