RFC: Move rpm-info back into locale dirs

Paul W. Frields stickster at gmail.com
Wed Jul 5 22:32:16 UTC 2006

Some time ago, we kept rpm-info.xml in the ${PRI_LANG} locale directory.
(For people not reading the Makefile.common regularly, ${PRI_LANG} is
the folder where the "original" version of a doc lives; it's often en_US
but can be any locale.)  For some reason, probably a dumb idea on my
part, we took it out into the top-level module directory for any doc.

I believe (or, if you like, "see the light") that this file needs to
return to the locale whence it came, to make translation easier for our
most excellent cadre of volunteers.  If its contents appear in the
PO/POT files, it's one less annoying FDP-specific step they have to
remember or take.

This change will require a few fairly easy changes to Makefile.common
that will break the build of any document that does not move its
rpm-info.xml into the ${PRI_LANG} folder.  We also have to figure out a
way to get the translated titles/translation elements into the POT
folders, although I suspect this would be a very minor amount of work
compared to the effort we will save our translators in the long run.

Comments welcome and appreciated.  Silence gives consent.  Absence makes
the heart grow fonder.

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