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> The following page has been changed by CodyDeHaan:
> The comment on the change is:
> Created. Writers, take a look and give input!
> New page:
> = Playing Multimedia (Music & Video) =
> Fedora Core 5 includes tools for viewing video and listening to audio.
> 'WRITERS:' What do we do here? Multimedia already exists in the Wiki...

I saw your comment in IRC as well, and I think you are referring to the
existing content at Docs/Beats/Multimedia, right?

The way to think about what is needed is to focus on the purpose of the
document.  Some of the same material may be covered, but the method is
going to be different.

The release notes, for example, are a compilation of interesting,
useful, or crucial facts about a version/release.  If your objective was
to bake a loaf of bread, the release notes would tell you things such

* Is the supplied flour white, wheat, or a blend?  Is it all purpose or
does it need additional gluten?  

* Where do you get the water for activating the yeast?

The Desktop User Guide would instead be focused on answering the

* The steps for turning flour, water, yeast, and salt into bread.

* How or why different kinds of ovens affect the baking.

* How to modify the recipe if you have a different type of flour.

/me quickly finishes and sends, after letting it sit on his desktop for
a few days

- Karsten
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