String "Revision History" untranslatable

Tommy Reynolds Tommy.Reynolds at
Sat Jul 8 06:38:48 UTC 2006

Uttered "Paul W. Frields" <stickster at>, spake thus:

> >  > It seems hardcoded in the xsl files.
> >  > $ grep 'Revision History' docs-common/xsl/main-html.xsl
> >  >    <a href="{concat('rv-',$id,$html.ext)}">Revision History</a>
> Sorry Dim, I misunderstood your original message (I took "string" to
> mean "element" by not paying close enough attention).  In fact, I am
> sure that one CANNOT translate that string, for the exact reason you
> provided.  If you have a solution in mind, I'm all ears!

Paul, here's an idea and it's ugly as the south end of a northbound

1) Add a "revhist='gobble gobble'" attribute to the "rpm-info.dtd"
   file.  This gets the "Revision History" string into a file that
   the translators can work their .POT magic on.

2) Rename the current "main-html.xsl" to ""

3) Edit "" to replace the "Revision History" strings
   with the contents of an <xsl:param>.

3) Create a new XSLT file that gets the "revhist" attribute and
   rewrite the <xsl:param>, thus generating the temporary
   "main-html.xsl" file.

4) Add "${RM} main-html.xsl" as a new "clean:" action.

5) Nothing else needs to be changed.
(yes, I'm up way too late ;-)

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