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On Thu, 2006-07-13 at 08:11 -0500, Patrick W. Barnes wrote:

> > Assuming no presence of plone, can we 
> > directly publish to from CVS?
> No.  The infrastructure would require adaptation to do this, and there would 
> have to be a static HTML container built and put into place.  The current 
> system is also dependent upon PHP, which is not an option for 
>  These are just some of the reasons that Plone is a 
> target.  Believe me, if it had been so easy to move to 
>, it would have already been done.

While this is true of PHP and _styling_ issues, the content is not
dependent on any of that.

We could instead put up a single tree at fp.o/docs that duplicates the
tree at f.r.c/docs, but with all the index.php rewritten as plain old
HTML.  The documents use the default Fedora CSS, so are pleasant to look
at, even if they don't have the cool navigation wrapping that f.r.c

To do this in the quickest yet most scalable way, it would be helpful to
have a publish script that runs as a cronjob on fp.o.  It would check
cvs.fp.o/cvs/docs/published/, which would be a new module that _is_ the
new tree, look for everything tagged LIVE that wasn't already at fp.o,
then write it out to fp.o/docs.  This avoids us having to designate a
few bottlenecks to do that via scp.

Obviously, it won't do any of any good if this takes too many resources
and results in a sub-standard effort that sucks more time from the FDP
publishing team.  But it seems feasible.

Just tossing out ideas. :) - Karsten
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