Something I wrote up and want feedback on

Edward Haddock edward.haddock at
Sat Jul 22 04:53:50 UTC 2006

I wrote this a while back and am still looking at it but would like to
get some feedback from everyone on where it would fit.
Thanks, Ed
   Aloha. Let me share with you a rewarding experience that happened to
me. I was using an Operating System(OS) and I enjoyed it very much. The
philosophy behind this OS was that freedom is the most important thing.
Choice mattered. I grew with the OS over time and can honestly say that
I am still a novice in many respects. But that is alright. The OS will
accommodate me just fine and if I have problems, there are many folks
who have traveled this path as well who are willing to help. My
experience started when I decided that I needed to give to this OS. At
first I did not know where to contribute. I looked around and there are
places where you can contribute to individual products but nothing that
contributed specifically to the OS I was using. Then I found and I was amazed. I did not
have to be a programmer or computer expert to help. All I needed to do
was help write about something I believed in.
   Imagine my trepidation if you can for a moment. I was worried about
being swamped with demands to program or perhaps even work with deep
technical subjects of Unix Arcana. I was certainly a little worried that
I would not be able to help. But, I am happy to report, the exact
opposite is true. I have been welcomed with open arms and open minds.
Fitting, don't you think, for an Open source Operating System?  I do.
That is what the Fedora Documentation Project has done for me. There are
many reasons to join. Like these;
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