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Adam Moreland journo_bouy at hotmail.co.uk
Sun Jul 23 19:52:49 UTC 2006


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>Adam, we *do* appreciate your efforts.  Besides, 5% of 600+ is at least
>30 people, and we definitely want you on that list!  Don't take any
>previous comments as directed at anyone in particular, I just wanted to
>make Karsten feel better. :-)

No problems, guess i misread. Must have been paranoid. As mentioned below, 
just let me know when and i shall jump in.

>Just because you don't grasp CVS fully right now, doesn't mean you can't
>learn.  I was very tentative about it when I joined at first, and now
>it's old hat.  People are available to help you -- that's why we hang
>around on Freenode IRC at #fedora-docs.  If you'd rather drop mail to
>this list, we can help you there too.

I shall lurk about from time to time, and get to know all on there.

>If you'd like to learn more about CVS, here's a couple places to start:
>Concepts:  http://producingoss.com/html-chunk/vc.html
>Practice:  http://ximbiot.com/cvs/manual/cvs-1.11.22/cvs_1.html#SEC1

cheers for the links.

Will anyone be heading up this team of writers for the IG. I am eager to get 
started as soon as possible, so we can be prepared for the releases, but 
also so as to iron out all bugs and errors before going live with the 
eventual release soon of FC6 final (Sept-Oct i heard).

Let me know specific role, or whenu want me to get started. With someone 
heading up it would be good to discuss any matters on irc, and also i shall 
ask more details on using doc-book, and cvs, as i have no experience with 
either, at the moment.

Adam "MAniX" Moreland

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