minutes FDSCo 25-Jul-2006

Karsten Wade kwade at redhat.com
Tue Jul 25 21:05:50 UTC 2006

Quick minutes from a shortened meeting today (my inattentive fault).
Full IRC log on fedora-dsco-list.

Bob Jensen
Karsten Wade
Paul W. Frields
Jesse Keating (guest)
Elliot Lee (guest)

* Need to fix our schedule page to be more focuses on doable tasks and
less demoralizing (kwade task)

* CVS sponsorship for translators is as follows:

- Look to existing language for sponsor.
- If none available, look to another language for a sponsor.
- If none available and/or another language is the sponsor, have the new
person recruit another translator from the existing project.

  ** Objective == provide backup and support for translators

* MoinMoin upgrade has been put into OTRS as a ticket; McGrath assigned
himself.  More background from:


* Toolchain changes are in the works, to be started when the test2
Web-only release notes are published, just in case. :)  These changes
are to make things more efficient, bring all content into the PO to be
translated, and related issues.

* stickster to recruit glezos for toolchain help. :)

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