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Karsten Wade wrote:
> On Tue, 2006-07-25 at 11:09 -0500, James McElhannon wrote:
>> I guess what I'm thinking about is an article whose link was distributed
>> to the group.  At the end of the article, Karsten's profile was given as:
>> <quote>
>> About the author
>> Karsten Wade is the leader of the Fedora Documentation Project and a
>> senior developer relations manager at Red Hat. Formerly a services
>> consultant and Engineering technical writer, Karsten is now focused on
>> bringing corporate developers the Red Hat world of content, community,
>> and collaboration found in the best practices of free/libre and open
>> source software.
>> </quote>
>> That sounds like someone whose job is based on Fedora.  So, based on
>> that, I would stand by my earlier statement (at least for Karsten):
> Rahul is correct.  I've been a volunteer for the Fedora Documentation
> Project for over two years and have given at least as much personal time
> as any other individual involved.
> What you are quoting is a biography.  I could have added, "Father of two
> dancing, singing, acting, gardening, currently sleeping daughters," but
> that doesn't mean I get paid by Red Hat to be a Dad. :)
>> <quote>
>> For the folks on the list with redhat email addresses, isn't it your job
>> to be participants in this and other related projects?  Isn't it your
>> job to increase the participation in such projects and to heighten the
>> profile of Fedora?
>> </quote>
>> So, I take issue with criticism of those who are exclusively using their
>> own precious time and effort without any job-related association.
> You have to accept that you are mistaken.  No one at Red Hat is paid to
> work on Fedora documentation, especially not myself.  I am not rated on
> my performance in Fedora.  If my work output suffers because of working
> on Fedora, that can affect my performance rating at work.   If I have
> two deadlines, one internal and one Fedora, I am in the same position as
> every single one of you.[1]
> So considering that, do you understand my wondering what you all are up
> to?
> Sorry if that wasn't clear.  I know it is a common misconception that
> everyone with an @redhat.com email address is paid to work on Fedora.
> Unfortunately, it is just not true.
> - Karsten
> [1] Ironically, there is at least one jerk-of-a-manager out there who
> looked at all my work in Fedora and figured that I must be shirking on
> my for-pay work; how could I be doing so much of both?  His mistake was
> assuming that I clock only 40 hours of combined work.  At about another
> 20 hours a week on a regular basis, and now you can understand how I can
> do a full-time job and a part-time volunteer job.

My apologies...


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